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Otter, R. A.; Cross-Rudkin, P. S. M.
Issues Regarding the Assessment of the Historical Value of Civil Engineering Works
First International and Eighth Australian Engineering Heritage Conference 1996: Shaping Our Future; Proceedings
Institution of Engineers, Australia, Barton, Australian Capital Territory, 1996, pp. 193-198

The paper identifies and briefly describes a range of circumstances in which 'value' is assessed. A common underlying assessment methodology is identified by which key parameters associated with the valuation are first established, then separately assessed and often finally combined into an overall assessment. Consideration is given to the past application of this approach to the problem of identifying and recording surviving civil engineering works. Limitations with this approach are reviewed and the paper seeks to describe and discuss aspects of a modified means of dealing with problem associated with the assessment of historical value. Key parameters are identified and consideration is given to their application to a range of historical civil engineering works and how they can be used in the specific case of masonry arch bridges. Finally, a number of issues, related to their combination to give a simple overall assessment, are briefly considered.

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