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Baker, Keith
Heritage Street Lighting: Casting Light on the Future
First International and Eighth Australian Engineering Heritage Conference 1996: Shaping Our Future; Proceedings
Institution of Engineers, Australia, Barton, Australian Capital Territory, 1996, pp. 43-47

The paper examines the development and early provision of street lighting in Australia and overseas, and look in more detail at the cultural significance of street lighting in Canberra, covering early suburban areas and a major ceremonial thoroughfare. Taking this as a case study, the author describes the work being undertaken through an ACT heritage grant to Canberra Division of IEAust, liaising with the owning and maintaining authorities of Canberra street lighting. The intention is to promote retention of historic lighting columns and fittings and to conserve the heritage values of significant areas of public lighting. It should enable the maintenance of existing lighting and the installation of any additional street lighting to be more sensitive to the streetscape values in a number of heritage precincts. The paper concludes with some issues that are likely to be applicable in other cities where the cultural significance of street lighting is to be retained. [Points will be illustrated with colour slides.]

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