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Daw, E.D.
Recording Engineering Heritage: The work of L.J.R. Jones
Sixth National Conference on Engineering Heritage, 1992, Hobart 5-7 October 1992: Preprints of Papers
Institution of Engineers, Australia, Tasmania Division, Hobart, Tasmania, 1992, pp. 67-72

This paper discusses the vital importance of recording, researching and bringing together our engineering heritage using every available source and technique, focusing on records of the work of L. J. R. Jones, one of Australia's most outstanding and yet little known aeronautical engineers. He was unwilling to seek publicity, most of the records are in private possession, and actual examples of his work do not survive. Evidence of his work is certainly not available to the researcher in collected form, and yet both the work and the evidence of it are of vital importance in the history of aeronautical engineering in Australia. In the course of my research into his life and work. I have uncovered a great deal of valuable material which records his work extensively using photography from 1907, formal papers (including one given to the Institution of Engineers), newspapers, popular weekly magazines, letters, Australian Archives, other manuscript and unpublished material, interviews with his colleagues and family, and a tape recording made by him near the end of his Life. My principal conclusion is that it is necessary to seek evidence of our engineering heritage in all manner of places, and to ensure that it is preserved in a coherent and cohesiveness manner. This is particularly true in the case of relatively unknown contributors to that heritage, such as Jones. His direct contribution to it was sustained for a period of some 30 years, and the rich photographic, manuscript, and oral records are of crucial importance. No less important are the printed sources and official records.

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