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Brewer, J. D.
Road Tunnel Versus Busby's Bore
Fourth National Conference on Engineering Heritage 1988: Preprints of Papers
Institution of Engineers, Australia, Barton, Australian Capital Territory, 1988, pp. 1-7

Busby's Bore is a civil engineering work of archaeological significance, located under the streets of old Sydney. It was the conduit for Sydney's water supply between 1833 and 1887, carrying water from the Lachlan Swamps (now Centennial Park) to Hyde Park in the heart of Sydney. It was constructed by convict labour under the supervision of the Government appointed Mining Surveyor and Civil Engineer John Busby. Although the Bore fell out of use of 1887, it has been substantially unaffected by development because it is located up to 30 metres below ground level. During investigations by the Department of Main Roads to construct twin vehicular tunnels beneath East Sydney, it became clear that the Bore would be a major constraint in the geometric design of the twin tunnels. In this paper, the original construction by convicts of Busby's Bore is described, and then a discussion follows of how recent tunnel design investigations have been carried out to ensure the preservation of the Bore.

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  • Fourth National Conference on Engineering Heritage 1988: Preprints of Papers (Barton, Australian Capital Territory: Institution of Engineers, Australia, 1988), 133 pp. Details