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Phillip Charles Holmes Hunt - Records
The University of Melbourne Archives

Letters Patent, Commonwealth of Australia. A "Means for receiving coke from gas retorts, and delivering or directing such coke into a furnace or alternatively to a conveyor or trucks for depositing it where required." Grant to P.C. Holmes Hunt, 10 March 1909, renewed 10 March 1916 and 1923. Printed specification of the invention bound in. "Apparatus for use in storing coal or coke". Granted 10 March 1909, renewed 10 March 1923. Letters Patent issued to Charles Frederick Broadhead, Queensland, Frederick Gordon Barker, Melbourne and P.C.H. Hunt, Melbourne, for "Improvements in and relating to the manufacture of combustible gases", 1 September 1923, together with printed specification of invention. Scrapbook containing newscuttings concerning chiefly social activities, including those of Hunt's daughters Phyllis (Mrs. Wilfrid Tennant Hunter) and Cara, from Australian and Indian papers, and friends e.g. Miss John Chirnside (Mrs. Alec Waugh). One item, undated, records that P.C. Homes Hunt has chaired the inaugural meeting of the English Public Schools' Association of Victoria. c. 1932-1934. Items interleaved include arrangements for Cara Holmes Hunt's wedding to A.M. Barne, 1937; 3 drawings by J. (?) on S.S. Cathay; diary note on polo match in India.