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William Branwhite Clarke - Records
Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection, State Library of New South Wales
ML MSS 141
Date Range
1846 - 1877

Notebook containing a list of contributions to the Sydney Morning Herald, 16 March 1846 - 16 November 1877; MS Notebook containing Annual Address to the Royal Society of New South Wales by W. B. Clarke, 12 May 1869, and 'Notice of a new fossil gigantic Bird of Australia, now named "Dromornis Australia" (Owen)' by W. B. Clarke, read before the Royal Society of New South Wales, 6 June 1877, printed, with MS additions and corrections; Notebook containing anniversary address to the Royal Society of New South Wales, by W. B. Clarke, presented with MS additions and corrections. Includes material on R. Daintree.

1 box
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