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Archival Resources Details Ronald Campbell Gunn - Records

Ronald Campbell Gunn - Records
Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection, State Library of New South Wales
A 316
Date Range
c. 1833 - c. 1854

Includes: accounts of collecting expeditions, lists, notes, and correspondence relating to botanical specimens; narrative of an excursion into the interior of Van Diemen's Land from Launceston, January 1833, including descriptions of vegetation, the terrain, emus, and kangaroo hunting; cruise with the Franklins along the north coast of D'Entrecasteaux Channel, 10-21 December 1838; account of collecting trips for March and October 1844 and descriptions of plants with botanical names in Latin; correspondence, correspondents include Gunn, W.J. Hooker (Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew), Joseph Milligan, J. Allport, Will Auhuss? [W. Archer Jnr], and discussion of legal matters relating to colonial property [possibly from Lady Franklin]; many letters commence with "My Dear Gunn" but are unsigned. One letter contains sketches of orchids
Lists and notes
List of plants, seeds, etc. in the Botanic Garden Melbourne
Catalogue of plants received from Miss Readknight, Mr R. Burke, and Mr J.G. Robertson
List of duplicates sent to Hooker, 1846

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