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Robert Helois - Records
National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection
MS 11
Date Range
1696 - 1825

Transcripts of records in the Ministere de la Marine dealing with French exploration in Australia including; journals kept on board the "Le Geographe" and "Le Naturaliste"; papers concerning Baudin's expedition; translation of Vlamingh's log and other papers 1696-99; report on the west coast of New Holland; papers relating to the voyages of Kerguelen and St. Allouarn 1771-74; various papers including reports and descriptions, letters and other items concerning navigation, botany, mineralogy, geology, zoology, natural history, Dirk Hartog etc; papers of Lt. Gen Charles De Caen, concerning Matthew Flinders and the ship "Cumberland"; letters from Governor King to Sir E. Pellew; journal of Matthew Flinders; miscellaneous papers relating to Baudin and Freycinet [1.2 m, MS 11].

1.2 m
Available for reference