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Archival Resources Details Broken Hill Associated Smelters Pty Ltd - Records

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Broken Hill Associated Smelters Pty Ltd - Records
The University of Melbourne Archives
Date Range
1889 - 1957

BHP Co.: letterbooks 1900-15; correspondence files 1903-19; agreements 1908-15; accounts 1889-16. BHAS Pty. Ltd.: Director's meetings papers 1920-49; correspondence subject files 1914-45; 'company papers' 1915-49; production files 1915-49; accounts 1913-49; research papers 1915-43; employee records 1914-43; work operation and treatment files 1919-49; plant reports 1917-57; newspaper cuttings; printed material 1919-35. London Office: correspondence and accounts 1919-35; Port Pirie Plant: Manager's meetings minutes 1947-53; correspondence; subject files 1918-53; production reports 1941-53; accounts 1915-53; assay returns 1917-22; employee records 1910-53; research papers 1947-53; public relations files; newspaper cuttings. Sir Colin Fraser: Personal papers incl. files re. BHAS 1916-1930s; personal correspondence files; papers re. companies 1916-1943; files on mining propositions and ore deposits 1930s; technical papers 1919-39; annual reports 1920s-43. W.S. Robinson: correspondence 1942. T.H. Sears (company secretary): Alphabetical subject files 1918-43. A.J. Keast (director): Papers arranged according to company; Commonwealth Advisory Mining Panel minutes 1944, 1946; correspondence and reports 1945-46.

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