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Biographical entry Pugh, William Russ (1806 - 1897)

25 October 1806
Southwark, London, United Kingdom
27 December 1897
London, United Kingdom


William Pugh was a medical practitioner who also pursued a range of other scientific pursuits. He arrived in Hobart, Tasmania, in 1835. He was an active participant in the Tasmanian Natural History Society having been elected in 1839. When the Society became the Royal Society of Tasmania in 1848 Pugh thereby became a founding member. In 1844 he established a medical practice in Launceston for which he gained a considerable reputation as a practitioner. He equipped his practice with distilling apparatus which he used to prepare drugs from plants grown for the purpose, and for chemical analysis including on occasion examining samples for the coroner. Between 1846 and 1849 he made regular recordings of meteorological data which he published in the local newspaper and in the journal of the Royal Society of Tasmania. In 1847 he constructed anaesthetic equipment from a description in a London newspaper and performed the first operations under anaesthetic in any Australian colony. Pugh returned to the United Kingdom in the 1850s.

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