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Biographical entry Domrow, Robert (Bob) (1931 - )

4 January 1931
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Robert Domrow is one of the world's leading acarologists, his specialty being parasitic mites (Order Acarina). He is an authority on sarcoptiform and trombidiform mites parasitic on Australian and Malaysian vertebrates. By invitation in the 1960s Domrow spent time unit at the Institute of Medical Research in Kuala Lumpur working on potential acarine vectors particularly of the Australasian, Malaysian and oriental regions. In his many publications he described 13 new genera and over 300 new species of Australian mites, extending the known range of some species and recording others from Australia for the first time. Between 1988 and 1992 he published three extensive checklists with keys of mites parasitic on Australian vertebrates. The Queensland Museum holds approximately 14,000 specimens of mites collected by Domrow, one of Australia's most significant such collections.



1949 - 1952
Career position - Cadet (later Assistant), Queensland Institute of Medical Research
1952 - 1961
Career position - Research Officer, Queensland Institute of Medical Research
Education - BSc, University of Queensland
Education - BA, University of Queensland
1961 - 1965
Career Position - Research Officer Division 1, Queensland Institute of Medical Research
1965 - 1988
Career position - Research Entomologist (later Senior Entomologist (Acarology)), Queensland Institute of Medical Research
Life event - Retired
1988 - 1990
Career position - Honorary Associate, Queensland Museum

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