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Biographical entry Weston, Edward Alexander (1877 - 1940)

Longford, Tasmania, Australia
Perth, Western Australia, Australia


Edward Weston, having qualified as a veterinarian at the Melbourne Veterinary College in 1900, set up practice in Launceston, Tasmania, combining this with farming for the next ten years. In 1911 he moved to Perth, Western Australia, to take up the position of Stock Inspector with the Western Australian Department of Agriculture. Much of his work involved quarantine control of animals coming through the port of Fremantle. In 1913 he became Lecturer in veterinary science at the new University of Western Australia, where he taught students, farmers and veterinary practitioners (some of whom had little or no formal training). After military service mostly in Egypt Weston was invalided home in 1916. Ill-health prevented him from resuming his position at the University although he did give some lectures. He regularly published articles in the popular press on subjects of veterinary interest. With the establishment in 1924 of the West Australian Veterinary Association, Weston served as Secretary and later President.



Education - Graduated from Melbourne Veterinary College
Education - BVSc, University of Melbourne
1911 - 1913
Career position - Stock Inspector, Department of Agriculture; Western Australia
1913 - 1914
Career position - Lecturer, Department of Agriculture, University of Western Australia
1914 - 1916
Career position - Military service
Career position - Secretary, West Australian Veterinary Association
1938 - 1940
Career position - Member, Veterinary Board of Western Australia

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  • Clark, William T., 'Edward A. Weston - veterinarian, surgeon and educator', Australian Veterinary History Record, vol. 65, 2013, pp. 4-6. Details

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