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Biographical entry Wilkinson, Graham Richard (1954 - )

17 March 1954
Blackpool, England


Graham Wilkinson spent the first nine years of his career working as an operational forester in the eucalypt forests of New South Wales. Moving to Tasmania in 1985, he specialised in eucalypt silviculture, contributing to pioneering work on the establishment of temperate eucalypt plantations and later focussed on the genetics and silvicultural management of natural eucalypt forests. During this time he initiated and produced the first set of comprehensive silvicultural manuals for the eucalypt forests of Tasmania. Since 1996 he has been responsible for forest regulation in Tasmania as the director of the Forest Practices Authority.



Award - Sir William Schlich Medal, awarded from the Forestry Department, Australian National University
Education - Bachelor of Science (Forestry), Australian National University
Education - Master of Science, University of Tasmania

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions


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  • Wilkinson, G.R., 'Genetic differentiation between populations of Eucalyptus obliqua', M.Sc., University of Tasmania, 1996. Details

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