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Biographical entry Squire, Ross Ormond (1942 - )

Dr (PhD)

16 February 1942
Heywood, Victoria, Australia
Forest scientist


Dr Ross Squire spent his 48-year career in forestry research and education. His work with the Victorian Government included management of forests research and education programs, including research on long-term productivity of pine plantations and the silviculture and management of eucalypts. He has published extensively on silvicultural management including eucalypt plantations and native forests, and was a referee and editor of a special issue of Australian Forestry, a regional journal of forestry science and forest management.


Ross commenced his career as a Research Officer, Research Branch, Forests Commission, Victoria. The Commission was amalgamated with various other State Government Departments from the mid-1980s. In 1993, the name of the amalgamated entity was the Department of Conservation and Environment.

Ross Squire's work of 30 years with the Victorian Government culminated when he had full responsibility for the management of both the Forests Research Program, and the Victorian School of Forestry and Land Management. He led the design and implementation of two major multi-disciplinary silvicultural research projects in Victoria: Maintenance of Long-term Productivity of Radiata Pine Plantations (1970s to 1980s), and Silvicultural Systems Project and Value Adding Utilisation System Trial in Victoria's native eucalypt forests (mid-1980 to early 1990s).

He worked privately for a further 18 years, directing a consulting company specialising in silviculture and education. From 2001-2002, he assisted CSIRO Forests and Forests Products to develop and manage a project for the Australian Greenhouse Office to describe the effects of management practices in Australia on carbon stocks in the nation's forest estate. He became a Churchill Fellow in 1976 and in the early 1990s was forestry representative on CSIRO's former Agricultural Sector Advisory Committee.

In 2011, Ross Squire was invited to edit, referee, and write the Foreword for the special issue FORESTCHECK of Australian Forestry, comprising 10 papers on the conservation of biodiversity in the Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) forests of south-west Western Australia.


Education - Diploma of Forestry (Creswick)
Education - Bachelor of Science (Forestry), University of Melbourne
1965 - 1971
Career position - Silvicultural Research, Victorian Government (Vic. Gov.)
1972 - 1976
Career position - Silvicultural Research/Lecturer in Silviculture, based at The Victorian School of Forestry, Creswick (V.S.F.)
Education - Master of Science (Forestry), University of Melbourne
Award - Churchill Fellow, Winston Churchill Memorial Trust
1977 - 1991
Career position - Silvicultural Research, Vic. Gov., based at V.S.F.
Education - PhD, School of Botany, University of Melbourne
Career event - Promoted to Super Scientist I, the highest Research Scientist classification held at that time by a forest scientist
1990 - 1993
Career position - Silvicultural Research. Manager, then Principal, Victorian School of Forestry and Land Management.
Career event - Editor and Referee, Australian Forestry Special Issue: FORESTCHECK

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