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Biographical entry Pederick, Leon A. (1930 - )

BSc (For), PhD

24 May 1930
Rabaul, Territory of New Guinea
Biogeographer and Forest Scientist


Initially mapping remote forest areas with the Forests Commission of Victoria, Leon Pederick moved to its Research Branch in 1958 and began a major tree breeding program with Pinus radiata until his retirement in 1993. This program yielded significant gains in growth rate and timber qualitiy.

He also established large field trials with eucalypts to study natural variation. In one major study, seeds collected from throughout the natural distribution of a species then known as Eucalyptus nitens was planted at two locations in 1972. Differences in foliage characters and growth rate were observed between collections from central and eastern Victorian seed sources. Subsequently, the eastern populations were described by others as a separate species, E. denticulata, and the central populations retained the name E. nitens. Other genetic studies involved E. obliqua and E. globulus.



1948 - 1950
Education - Associate Diploma of Forestry, Victorian School of Forestry, Creswick
1954 - 1955
Education - Bachelor of Science (Forestry), University of Melbourne
1963 - 1966
Education - PhD, University of Melbourne
Award - NW Jolly Medal, Institute of Foresters Australia

Published resources

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Book Sections

  • Potts, B.M. and Pederick, L.A., 'Morphology, phylogeny, origin, distribution and genetic diversity of eucalypts.' in Diseases and pathogens of eucalypts (Melbourne: CSIRO Publishing, 2000), pp. 11-27. Details

Journal Articles

  • Pederick, L. A, 'Natural variation in shining gum (Eucalyptus nitens)', Australian Forest Research, 9 (1) (1979), 41-63. Details
  • Pederick, L.A. and Lennox, F.G., 'Variation in Polyphenolic Constituents of Eucalyptus nitens Maiden', Australian Journal of Botany, 27 (3) (1979), 217-226. Details



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Leon Pederick & Peter Fagg