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Biographical entry Scroggie, James Gilbert (Jim) (1932 - )

26 March 1932
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Forensic scientist and Organic chemist


Jim Scroggie and his colleagues at the Forensic Science Laboratory within the University of Melbourne developed the process of reliable breath testing for alcohol during the 1950s and early 1960s. This proved so successful that it became the international standard in forensic technology. As a result of this police work was brought into a new era of scientific analysis of evidence.

In 1965, it was decided that the laboratory would be moved from University grounds and became the State Forensic Science Laboratory, run by the state public service. Scroggie declined a position as Director and instead joined the newly formed Leather Research Group at the CSIRO.

At the Leather Research Group Scroggie led research aimed at modernising Australia's out-dated tanning industry and did this by focussing on development of more efficient and environmentally sound production techniques.



Education - Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne
Education - Masters of Science with Honours in Organic Chemistry, University of Melbourne
c. 1954 - c. 1958
Education - PhD on ICIANZ Research Fellowship, in the chemistry dept., University of Melbourne
1956 - 1965
Career position - Deputy Director of the Forensic Science Laboratory, Pathology Department of the University of Melbourne
1965 - 1987
Career position - Employed at the CSIRO Leather Research Group

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