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Biographical entry Binns, Raymond (Ray) (1937 - )

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Ray Binns is a geologist who is an Honorary Research Fellow in CSIRO Exploration and Mining and a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University. He was employed as a research scientist with the CSIRO from 1977 to 2002.

He is renowned for his research into deep sea-bed ore deposits, begun in 1986 and resulting in the discovery of many mineral rich sea floor deposits.



c. 1956 - 1959
Education - Bachelor of Science, University of Sydney
Award - University Medal in Geology and Geophysics, University of Sydney
c. 1959 - 1962
Education - Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Mineralogy and Petrology, the University of Cambridge, England
1962 - 1970
Career position - Lecturer in Geology, University of New England, New South Wales
1971 - 1977
Career position - Lecturer in Geology, University of Western Australia

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