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Corporate entry CRC for Spatial Information-2 (c. 2009 - c. 2017)

c. 2009
Carlton, Victoria, Australia
c. 2017
Alternative Names
  • Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information-2


The Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Spatial Information-2 was established after a 8.5 year grant was awarded in 2009. It took the place of the CRC for Spatial Information.

The CRC's areas of research expertise include: satellite remote sensing; mapping systems; photogrammetry; geographic information systems (GIS); spatial data infrastructures; geodesy and Global Navigation Satellite Systems Positioning (GNSSP); modelling and visualisation; and laser scanning.


 2003 - c. 2010 CRC for Spatial Information
       c. 2009 - c. 2017 CRC for Spatial Information-2

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Rebecca Rigby