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Biographical entry Barton, Robert (1839 - 1930)


London, United Kingdom
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Robert Barton was Deputy Master of Royal Mint's Melbourne branch from 1895. He joined the Mint when it first opened in 1869 as one of only two assayers and helped refine and speed up the process of assaying precious metals. It is thought that before joining the Mint he worked as an assayer for the Bank of England. Barton was a Fellow of the Chemical Society and a member of the Royal Society of Victoria from 1872.



1869 - 1887
Career position - Assayer at the Royal Mint in Melbourne
1872 -
Award - Fellow of the Chemical Society of London (FCS)
1887 - 1895
Career position - Superintendent of the Royal Mint in Melbourne
1895 - 1904
Career position - Deputy Master of the Royal Mint in Melbourne

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Journal Articles

  • Barton, C.T., Barton R. and Hardie, G., 'Improvements in the Refining of Impure Commercial Sugar (Patent appl., date ??)', The Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry, vol. 1, Society of Chemical Industry, London, 1882, p. 283. Details
  • Barton, Robert, 'On "Surcharge" of the Bullion Assay', Transactions and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria, vol. 12, Wilson & Mackinnon, Melbourne, 1874, pp. 89-92. Details

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  • Bolton, H. C.; Williams, N. H., 'Weighing and Assay in the Early Days of the Melbourne Branch of the Royal Mint', Historical Records of Australian Science, vol. 14, no. 1, 2002, pp. 47-66. Also available at Details

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