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Biographical entry Kendall, Henry (c. 1849 - 1934)

c. 1849
14 February 1934
Mentone, Victoria, Australia


Henry Kendall was a founding member of the Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union (RAOU) in 1901 and helped establish their journal Emu. He was assistant editor of the journal from 1901 but was forced to give it up in 1905 because of poor health. Kendall made several article contributions to Emu himself and to other publications including the Leader, Australasian and the Victorian Naturalist.

Published resources


  • Whittell, H. M., The Literature of Australian Birds: a History and a Bibliography of Australian Ornithology, Patterson Brokensha, Perth, 1954. Details

Journal Articles

  • E.N., 'Obituary: Henry Kendall', Emu, vol. XXXIV, Part 1, 2 July 1934, p. 84. Details

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