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Biographical entry Patroni, Alfred (1894 - 1995)

Electrical engineer


Alfred Patroni was the first person to build and use an X-ray machine in Young, a country town in New South Wales. He built his first machine in around 1919 and it was used three days after its completion to help a doctor set the broken leg of a man. X-ray had been used widely in the capital cities of Australia, but because of the high equipment costs it was hardly ever used in country Australia. Trained as an electrical engineer, Patroni was also responsible in establishing a diesel generator for a mill in Young and he set up an AC generating unit and refrigeration plant in Boorowa in 1924.

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  • Owen, Morris with Morgan, Helen, 'Alfred Patroni: an Enterprising Engineer', Australasian Science, vol. 19, no. 7, 1998, p. 48. Details

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