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Biographical entry Wright, Judith (1915 - )

Conservationist and Poet


Judith Wright wrote on many issues including nature conservation and the rights of indigenous people. She fought to save the Great Barrier Reef from mining and oil drilling and to establish the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Her 1977 book The Coral Battleground records her contribution to this cause. She was later nominated for a Nobel prize for literature.

Archival resources

National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection

  • Papers of Judith Wright, 1959 - 1998, MS 5781; National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection. Details

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions


  • Brady, Veronica, South of my days: a biography of Judith Wright, Angus & Robertson, Pymble, New South Wales, 1998, 586 pp. Details

Journal Articles

  • Wright, Judith, 'Work of R.W. Lahey', Wildlife Australia, vol. 1, no. 1, 1963, p. 9010. Details

Online Resources

See also

  • Griffiths, Tom, Hunters and Collectors: the Antiquarian Imagination in Australia, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge/Melbourne, 1996, 430 pp. Details

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