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Biographical entry Green, David Headley (1936 - )

29 February 1936
Launceston, Tasmania, Australia


David Headley Green has been Director, Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University since 1994. He has used laboratory experimental techniques to duplicate the very high pressures and temperatures which exist in the earth's crust and uppermost mantle. The experimental studies have led to models of the origins of, and relationships between, different volcanic magmas or melts in the earth. He has also led studies of the nature of fluids, particularly methane, water and carbon dioxide, in the deep earth, and their relationships with melting.


Born Launceston, Tasmania, 29 February 1936. Educated Universities of Tasmania (BSc (hons) 1957, MSc 1960, DSc 1988) and Cambridge (PhD 1962). Geologist, Australian Bureau of Mineral Resources 1957-59; Research Fellow, Australian National University 1962-65, Fellow 1965-68, Senior Fellow 1968-74, Professorial Fellow 1974-76 (Department of Geophysics and Geochemistry, and Research School of Earth Sciences); Professor of Geology, University of Tasmania 1977-93; Chief Science Adviser, Department of Arts, Sport, the Environment and Territories, Canberra 1991-93; Director, Research School of Earth Sciences, Australian National University 1994-98, Deputy Vice-Chancellor 1998, Director, Research School of Earth Sciences 1998- . Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 Science Research Scholarship 1958; Edgeworth David Medal, Royal Society of New South Wales 1968; Fellow, Australian Academy of Science 1974; Stillwell Medal, Geological Society of Australia 1977; Mawson Medal, Australian Academy of Science 1982; Honorary Foreign Fellow, European Union of Geosciences 1985; Honorary Foreign Fellow, Geological Society of America 1986; Fellow, Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy 1987; Jaeger Medal, Australian Academy of Science 1990; Fellow, The Royal Society 1991; Royal Society of Tasmania Medal 1993; Abraham Gottlieb Werner Medal Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft 1998; Murchison Medal, Geological Society of London 2000. Chairman, Steering Committee for National Research Facility, 'ORV Franklin' 1984-90; President, Geological Society of Australia 1990-92; Chairman, National Greenhouse Scientific Advisory Committee 1997 - .

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  • Ian Clunies Ross Memorial Foundation, Achievements and challenges for Australian science: Distinguished Lecture Series 1993, Parkville (Vic.), 1993, 55 pp. Details

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