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Biographical entry Marceglia, Albina Zora (1919 - )

6 October 1919
Fiume, Italy


Albina Marceglia (née Heberling) was born on 6 October 1919 in Fiume (then a part of Italy) and emigrated to Australia under the refugee scheme, arriving 13 February 1950. Later that year she commenced work at the Bureau of Meteorology (13 November 1950) as a Card Punch Operator Grade 1. She became a supervisor in the Daily Rainfall Section in 1958. This was not a permanent position as married women were not able to become 'permanent' until 1967. In 1960 she took a year's leave without pay as she had a new baby. She returned to the Daily Rainfall Section as a Card Punch Operator Grade 2. In 1966 and 1967 her position took her to Sydney, Hobart, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth to instruct staff in the importance of quality control to provide accurate and consistent data. As a Clerical Assistant Grade 4 she again visited various capital cities to instruct staff in the use of the NCR machines and corrections of errors revealed by the quality control programs. She retired in 1978 due to ill health.

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