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Biographical entry Tooth, Robert (1821 - 1893)

28 May 1821
Cranbrook, Kent, England
19 September 1893
Bedford, United States of America
Merchant, Pastoralist and Brewer


Robert Tooth began the merchant and brewing firm of R. and E. Tooth in 1843, when he leased his uncle's brewery. He also had a number of other business interests in both Australia and England, including a partnership at Yengarie near Maryborough, Queensland, where from 1865 they experimented with meat preserving and in 1870 won a prize at the Intercolonial Exhibition in Sydney.

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions

Book Sections

  • Walsh, G. P., 'Tooth, Robert (1821-1893), Edwin (1822-1858) and Frederick (1827-1893), merchants, pastoralists and brewers', in Bede Nairn (ed.), Australian Dictionary of Biography, vol. 6, Melbourne University Press, Melbourne, 1976, pp. 285-286. Also available at Details

Journal Articles

  • Tooth, Robert, 'Improvements in the mode of, and apparatus for, manufacturing sugar (Patent, 4 May, 1874)', Specifications of Letters of Registration of Patents for Inventions - South Australia , vol. 2, no. 196, 1868-74, p. 4. Details

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