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Biographical entry Williams, Robyn (1944 - )


30 January 1944
Buckinghamshire, England
Science broadcaster


Robyn Williams has been a science broadcaster with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation since 1972.


Born Buckinghamshire, UK, 30 January 1944. AM 1988. Educated University of London Northern Polytechnic (BSc (hons) 1971). Small parts on BBC TV, ATV and Thames TV 1966-72; Broadcaster, ABC Science Unit (Radio) since 1972: Freelance Broadcaster 1972, Staff Talks Assistant in Science 1973, permanent appointment as Talks Assistant in Science September 1973, Executive Producer in Science Unit from 1977. Foundation Commissioner, Commission for the Future since 1984, Chairman 1990-94. Fellow, Australian Academy of Science 1993; Humanist of the Year 1993; Rostrum Australia Speaker of the Year 1993; Individual Award, Centre for Australian Cultural Studies 1996; Michael Daley Award 1996. President, ANZAAS 1992; President, Australian Museum Trust 1985-93.

Published resources


  • Williams, R. and Evans, G., Commonwealth Policy for Rural Research, Past and Present: a Review, Part II of Workshop on the Organisation and Funding of Research for the Rural Industries: Canberra, 12-13 May, 1988, A.G.P.S., Canberra, 1989, 115 pp. Details

Edited Books

  • Williams, Robyn (ed.), The Best of the Science Show, Thomas Nelson, Melbourne, 1983, 292 pp. Details
  • Williams, Robyn (ed.), The Uncertainty Principle, 2 edn, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Crows Nest, New South Wales, 1989, 307 pp. Details
  • Williams, Robyn (ed.), The Uncertainty Principle, 1 edn, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Crows Nest, New South Wales, 1989, 217 pp. Details

Journal Articles

  • Williams, Robyn, 'Inventing the Future: the History of Australian Scientific Developments Generated by Wartime', Australian Way, September, 1989, pp. 32-34. Details

Online Resources

See also

  • Dahlitz, Ray, Secular who's who : a biographical directory of freethinkers, secularists, rationalists, humanists and others involved in Australia's secular movement from 1850 onwards, R. Dahlitz, Balwyn, Victoria, 1994, 192 pp. pp.171-172. Details

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