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Biographical entry Black, Hope (1919 - )

Alternative Names
  • MacPherson, Hope (Also known as)


Hope Black completed a science degree part-time, majoring in zoology and geology, while working as a museum assistant at the Museum of Victoria. In 1946 she was appointed curator of molluscs and was the Museum's first female curator. Following her marriage in 1965, Black was required to resign. She went on to become a science teacher.



1938 - 1939
Career position - Temporary Museum Assistant at the Museum of Victoria
1939 - 1946
Career position - Permanent Museum Assistant at the Museum of Victoria
1946 - 1965
Career position - Curator of Molluscs at the Museum of Victoria

Published resources

Encyclopedia of Australian Science Exhibitions

Journal Articles

  • Carey, Jane, 'Hope Black, née Macpherson (1919- ): First Female Curator at the Musuem of Victoria', Australasian Science, vol. 21, no. 5, 2000, p. 46. Details


  • Carey, Jane, 'Departing from their sphere: Australian women and science, 1880-1960', PhD thesis, The University of Melbourne, 2003, 356 pp. Details

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