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Biographical entry Timcke, Edward Waldemar (Tim) (1890 - 1982)


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    Edward Waldemar Timcke, courtesy of Bureau of Meteorology.

2 April 1890
Payneham, South Australia, Australia
18 July 1982
Meteorologist and Science administrator


Edward Timcke, commonly known as Tim, was Director of the Bureau of Meteorology from 1950 to1955. He joined the Bureau in 1911 after completing a Bachelor of Arts (BA) at the University of Adelaide. Timcke was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE).


Edward Waldemar Timcke (Tim) joined the Bureau in Adelaide in about 1911 as a meteorological assistant. After service in France in World War I, he returned to the Sydney office of the Bureau in 1919 and moved to Melbourne in 1929. He was a candidate for the post of Director of Meteorology when Warren was appointed. He then served as deputy to Warren through and after World War II and represented him at several international meetings. As Director, he presided over a period of consolidation and staff reductions brought on by general government cutbacks in the Public Service. He was, however, able to expand the Bureau's upper air networks and establish observing stations at Heard and Macquarie Islands. A Hundred Years of Science and Service, Bureau of Meteorology, 2001.


1911 - 1928
Career position - Joined the Bureau of Meteorology in Adelaide
1929 - 1937
Career position - Senior Meteorologist (Research) in Melbourne
Career position - Member of the Far East Regional Commission (Meteorology)
Career position - Member of the International Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology
1938 - 1941
Career position - Supervising Meteorologist (Aviation)
1942 - 1949
Career position - Assistant Director of the Bureau of Meteorology
1950 - 1955
Career position - Director of the Bureau of Meteorology

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  • Day, David, Weather watchers: 100 years of the Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne University Press, Carlton, Vic., 2007, 530 pp. Details

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