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Biographical entry Phillpot, Henry Robert (1919 - )

6 August 1919


Henry Phillpot worked at the Bureau of Meteorology for forty years, mainly in research on synoptic meteorology, with an emphasis on increasing knowledge of those aspects of meteorology in the Australian region and Southern Hemisphere which bore directly on the provision of services by the Bureau. He led the International Antarctic Analysis / Meteorological Research Centres from 1959-1969, and continued his research on Antarctic meteorology long into retirement.


Born 6 August 1919. Award of Merit, Professional Officers Association, Commonwealth Public Service, 1975. Rio Tinto Science Hero Award, 1999. Educated: BSc, University of Melbourne, 1947; MSc, University of Melbourne, 1967. Joined the Commonwealth Public Service in the Postmaster General's department as a clerk in 1936. Promoted to Central Weather Bureau (Bureau of Meteorology) in 1940. Served in the RAAF Meteorological Service 1941-1946 (commissioned 1942, flight lieutenant 1944). Appointed as a professional meteorologist in the Bureau of Meteorology in 1948. During the 1950s Phillpot mainly worked on providing meteorological support for the atomic weapons trials in Australia. Leader, International Antarctic Analysis Centre, 1959-1965. Leader, International Antarctic Meteorological Research Centre, 1965-1969. From 1969 he was in charge of the Bureau's Synoptic Research Section and during the 1970s worked on the first GARP (Global Atmospheric Research Program) Global Experiment. Acting Assistant Director, Research and Development Section, Bureau of Meteorology, 1978-1980. Retired in 1980 and went to the Department of Meteorology, University of Melbourne, as a senior associate, concentrating on Antarctic meteorological research, until 1993, when he returned to work at the Bureau, finally retiring in March 2001.

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  • 'Henry Phillpot Retires', Weather News, vol. 251, October 1980, 1980, pp. 2-3. Details

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