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Biographical entry Watson, Ina Maud (1909 - 1992)

Natural history photographer and Ornithologist


Ina Watson worked professionally in the radiology department of St Andrews Hospital and as Publicity Officer for the Fisheries and Wildlife Department in Victoria, but all her spare time was devoted to birds. She was an excellent field observer and photographer. Watson contributed both photographs and text to a number of nature journals, in particular Wild Life, and Monthly Notes (Bird Observers' Club, Melbourne). She published natural history stories for children including Silvertail: The Story of a Lyrebird (1946).



c. 1930 - 1957
Career position - Managing Secretary at the Melbourne Radiological Clinic
Career position - Associate of the Australian Institute of Accountants
1947 - 1948
Career position - First female President of the Field Naturalists' Club of Victoria
1950 - 1952
Career position - Editor of The Victorian Naturalist
1957 - 1967
Career position - Information Officer at the Fisheries and Wildlife Department
Career position - Associate of the Public Relations Institute

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