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Biographical entry Henderson, John Barry (1933 - 1978)

9 January 1978


John Barry Henderson spent his entire career with Broken Hill Proprietary Co. Ltd (BHP), starting as a trainee chemist in 1955 in their Newcastle plant. At the time of his death he was a Principal Research Officer at the laboratory in Shortland. Henderson made a significant contribution to process metallurgy and was educated at the Newcastle Technical College (ASTC: Associate Sydney Technical College) and University of New South Wales (BSc, MSc).



1955 - 1956
Career position - Trainee Chemist at Broken Hill Proprietary Co. Ltd (BHP) in Newcastle
1956 - 1962
Career position - Research Officer with BHP Central Research Laboratories in Shortland
1958 - 1960
Career position - Fulbright Scholar at the Carnegie Institute of Technology, UK
1962 - 1978
Career position - Senior Research Officer (to 1966) then Principal Research Officer at BHP in Shortland

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