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Biographical entry Cox, Stewart Francis (1924 - 1979)

3 January 1924
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
4 October 1979


Stewart Cox worked for ICIANZ 1954-1963 and was responsible for the detailed layout of two lots of new laboratories. He then moved on to a series of senior management appointments within ICI Australia 1963-1978. During this time he was responsible for initiating the formation of Imperial Atlas Ltd, a joint company with Atlas Chemicals Inc. of the USA, which marketed a range of specialty surfactants.



1945 - 1946
Career position - Research Chemist with Monsanto (Australia) Ltd in West Footscray, Victoria
1946 - 1949
Award - Australian National University Scholarship to Imperial College of Science and Technology, London
1950 - 1954
Career position - Chemist with Monsanto
1954 - 1959
Career position - Assistant Research Manager and Leader of the Organic Section of ICIANZ Central Research Laboratories
1959 - 1963
Career position - Research Manager
1963 - 1965
Career position - General Manager of the Plastics Group, ICI Australia
1965 - 1974
Career position - General Manager of the Organic Chemicals Group
1968 -
Career position - Director of CSR Chemicals Ltd
1972 -
Career position - Director of PMA Ltd
1974 - 1978
Career position - General Manager of the Alkali and Chemical Group
Career position - President of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute
Award - Leighton Medal received (posthumously) from the Royal Australian Chemical Institute
Career position - Managing Director of Albright and Wilson (Australia) Ltd

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