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Biographical entry Thompson, James (1863 - 1945)

22 August 1863
Drogheda, Louth, Ireland
2 January 1945
New South Wales, Australia


James Thompson was engineer-in-chief of the Public Works Department of Western Australia from 1904-1925. Of 6590 km of government railways built in Western Australia before World War II, 4690 km of main track were constructed while he controlled the department.



Education - Bachelor of Engineering (BE) completed at the University of Ireland
1882 - 1889
Career position - Assistant Engineer with the Dublin Docks and Harbours Board
1889 - 1891
Career position - Engineer in the Survey Branch of the Victorian Railways
1891 - 1904
Career position - Engineer with the Public Works Department of Western Australia (PWDWA)
1894 - 1896
Career position - Resident Engineer for the Northam-Southern Cross-Kalgoorlie railway, PWDWA
1896 - 1904
Career position - Engineer in charge of the Harbours and Rivers Branch, PWDWA
1904 - 1925
Career position - Engineer-in-Chief of the Public Works Department of Western Australia
Career position - Founding President of the Western Australian Institution of Engineers

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