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Biographical entry Tegart, William John McGregor (1929 - )


27 March 1929
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Alternative Names
  • Tegart, Greg (Also known as)


Greg Tegart had a varied career, which included Manager of BHP Melbourne Research Laboratories 1968-1978, secretary of the Department of Science and Technology 1981-1984 and of the Department of Science 1984-1987, and secretary of the Australian Science and Technology Council 1987-1993. He was educated at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, University of Melbourne and University of Sheffield (BSc, MSc, PhD).



1947 - 1955
Career position - Laboratory Assistant and Technical Officer with the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation) Division of Tribophysics
1955 - 1959
Career position - University Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield, UK
1959 - 1966
Career position - Lecturer then Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy at the University of Sheffield
1966 - 1968
Career position - Professor of Materials at the College of Aeronautics, UK
1968 - 1978
Career position - Manager of the BHP Melbourne Research Laboratories
1978 - 1979
Career position - Executive Assistant to the Chief General Manager
Award - Silver Medal received from the Australasian Institute of Metals
1979 - 1981
Career position - Member of the Executive of CSIRO Canberra
Award - Silver Medal received from the Australian Institute of Energy
1984 - 1987
Career position - Secretary to the Department of Science and Technology in Canberra
1987 - 1993
Career position - Secretary of the Australian Science and Technology Council
1988 - 1993
Career position - Principal of the Australian delegate on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Award - Member of the Order of Australia (AM)
Career position - Visiting Professor and Director of the Australian Network for Research and Technology Policy at the University of Canberra

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