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Biographical entry Gill, Adrian Edmund (1937 - 1986)


22 February 1937
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
19 April 1986
Meteorologist and Oceanographer


Adrian Gill worked on dynamical oceanography at Cambridge, first as Assistant Director of Research and then as Senior Research Fellow 1963-1984. At the time of his death he was Individual Merit Senior Principal Scientific Officer of the Meteorological Office. His international activities included being a founder member of the Committee for Climate Change and the Ocean (CCCO) and serving as chairman of the scientific steering group of TOGA (Tropical Oceans Global Atmosphere), an important component of the World Climate Research Programme.



Education - Master of Arts (MA) completed at the University of Melbourne
Career position - Research Associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Education - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) completed at the University of Cambridge, UK
1963 - 1979
Career position - Assistant Director of Research in Dynamical Oceanography at the University of Cambridge
1979 - 1984
Career position - Royal Society (ESSO) Senior Research Fellow in Dynamical Oceanography, Cambridge
1984 - 1986
Career position - Meteorologist in the Oceanography Unit of the Robert Hooke Institute for Cooperative Atmospheric Research, Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University (part of the Meteorological Office)

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