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Biographical entry Price, Archibald Grenfell (1892 - 1977)

28 January 1892
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
20 July 1977
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Geographer and Historian


Archibald Grenfell Price was master of St Mark's College, University of Adelaide 1925-1957. His writings included The Winning of Australian Antarctica, Mawson's BANZARE Voyages 1929-31 (1962) and The Explorations of Capt. James Cook in the Pacific (1958).

Archival resources

National Library of Australia Oral History Collection

  • Archibald Grenfell Price - Records, 1960, DeB 77; National Library of Australia Oral History Collection. Details
  • Archibald Grenfell Price - Records, 30 October 1966, DeB 194; National Library of Australia Oral History Collection. Details

Published resources

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Journal Articles

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