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Biographical entry Storr, Glen Milton (1921 - 1990)

22 December 1921
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
26 June 1990


Glen Storr was head of the Department of Ornithology and Herpetology, Western Australian Museum until 1986. He worked tirelessly to describe and catalogue the bird and reptile fauna of Western Australia.


Born Adelaide, 22 December 1921. Died 26 June 1990. Educated University of Western Australia (BSc, MSc, PhD 1960). Junior draftsman and cadet surveyor, South Australian Lands Department 1939; AIF 1942-45; South Australian Lands Department 1946-52, becoming a licensed Land Surveyor 1947; university studies 1953-60; postgraduate research on kangaroos 1960-62; Assistant Curator of Vertebrates, Western Australian Museum 1962-63, Curator 1963-65, Curator of Ornithology and Herpetology 1965-86.

Archival resources

Western Australian Museum

  • Glen Milton Storr - Records, 1961 - 1963; Western Australian Museum. Details

Published resources

Journal Articles

  • Johnstone, R. E., 'Dr G. M. Stoor', Western Australian Naturalist, 18 (1990), 139-47. Details
  • Storr, G. M., 'J. T. Tunney's Itinerary in Northern Australia 1901-1903', Emu, 66 (1) (1966), 59-65. Details


See also

  • Williams, David, Wuester, Wolfgang and Fry, Bryan Grieg, 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Australian Snake Taxonomists and a history of the Taxonomy of Australia's Venomous Snakes ', Toxicon, 48 (7) (2009), 919-930 . Details

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