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Biographical entry Tindale, Norman Barnett (1900 - 1993)

12 October 1900
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
19 November 1993
Entomologist and Anthropologist


Norman Barnett Tindale, educated at the University of Adelaide (BSc 1933), joined the South Australian Museum in 1917. He was Assistant Entomologist there from 1925 and then Curator of Anthropology c1928-62. He later developed strong ties with anthropologists in the USA.

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Archival resources

National Library of Australia Oral History Collection

  • Norman Barnett Tindale - Records, 1930 - 1960, DeB 65; National Library of Australia Oral History Collection. Details

South Australian Museum Archives

  • Norman B. Tindale Archives, 1921 - 1991, AA338; South Australian Museum Archives. Details

Published resources


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Online Resources

See also

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