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Biographical entry Mjöberg, Eric Georg (1882 - 1938)

6 August 1882
As, Hallands Ian, Sweden
8 July 1938
Stockholm, Sweden


Eric Mjöberg worked in various museums in Sweden and Borneo. He led Swedish scientific expeditions to North-Western Australia in 1910-1911 and Queensland in 1912-1913.


Born As, Hallands Ian, Sweden, 6 August 1882. Died Stockholm, 8 July 1938. Licentiate at University of Stockholm, 1908; MA. Lund, 1912. At State Entomological Institution 1903 and 1906 and at the National Museum at different times between 1903-10; master at several higher Schools in Stockholm, 1907-09, travelling in Sweden for purposes of study 1902-09; leader of Swedish Scientific Expeditions to North-Western Australia 1910-11; and to localities in northern and southern Queensland, and the Coleman River flowing into the Gulf of Carpentaria, on west coast of York Peninsula 1912-13; lecture tour in USA 1916-17, returning there for purposes of study 1921-25; Swedish Consul in Sumatra 1920; assistant in Entomological Department of National Museum 1914-17; secretary of Stockholm Scientific Association 1914-18; chief of the Zoological Department of Deli Experimental Station, Sumatra 1919-21; Director of Sarawak Museum 1922-24; scientific expedition to Central Borneo 1925-26.

Published resources


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Journal Articles

  • Ferrier, A., 'Dr Eric Mjöberg's 1913 Scientific Exploration of North Queensland's Rainforest Region', Memoirs of the Queensland Museum: Cultural Heritage Series, 4 (2006), 1-27. Details


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