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Biographical entry Bliss, Charles Kasiel (1897 - 1985)

13 July 1985


Charles Bliss was a research chemist and the inventor of a universal language employing symbols. After his release from a Nazi concentration camp in 1938 he moved to England, then Shanghai, and settled in Australia in 1946.


Born Austria, 1897. Died 1985. AM 1976. Educated Vienna University of Technology (graduated in chemical engineering 1922). Research chemist, later chief of the patent department in an electronics company ca 1922-38; German concentration camp 1938; England 1938-40; Shanghai 1940-46; began to develop his system of pictorial symbol writing 1942; settled in Australia 1946. Wrote "Semantography (Blissymbolics)" and "The Invention and Discovery that will Change our Lives". Published a reoneoed newsletter, "Semantography Series", 1949-64.

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National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection

  • Charles Kasiel Bliss - Records, 1943 - 1984, MS 3884; National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection. Details

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