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Biographical entry Wright, Douglas (1907 - 1990)

7 August 1907
Central Castra, Tasmania, Australia
28 February 1990
Alternative Names
  • Wright, Roy (Also known as)


Roy Wright was Professor of Physiology, University of Melbourne 1939-1971 and played a leading role in the direction taken by medical research during that period in Australia. He was Chancellor of the University of Melbourne 1980-1989.



1937 - 1939
Career position - Worked with Howard Florey in England
1939 - 1971
Career position - Professor of Physiology at the University of Melbourne
1971 - 1975
Career position - Medical Director of the Peter MacCallum Institute, Melbourne
1972 - 1980
Career position - Deputy Chancellor at the University of Melbourne
1980 - 1989
Career position - Chancellor at the University of Melbourne

Archival resources

The University of Melbourne Archives

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