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Biographical entry Dallachy, John (c. 1803 - 1871)

c. 1803
Elginshire, Scotland
4 June 1871
Rockingham Bay, Queensland, Australia
Botanist and Curator


John Dallachy was overseer, then superintendent of the Melbourne Botanic Gardens from 1849 to 1857. When Ferdinand Mueller became director of the Gardens in 1857, he appointed Dallachy as curator. Dallachy held this position until 1861. During his time at the Gardens he made several expeditions throughout Victoria to collect botanical specimens. After leaving the Melbourne Botanic Gardens, Dallachy had a brief stint at running his own nursery, then moved to North Queensland to collect specimens for the Victorian Herbarium.



Career position - Manager of a coffee plantation in Ceylon
1848 - 1853
Career position - Overseer for the Melbourne Botanic Gardens
c. 1849
Career position - Expedition to the Baw Baw region
August 1849
Career position - Expedition to Mount Macedon
January 1850
Career position - Expedition to Mount Disappointment
August 1850
Career position - Expedition to Pentland Hills
Career position - Expedition to Ovens Valley and Mount Buffalo
1853 - 1857
Career position - Superintendent of the Melbourne Botanic Gardens
1857 - 1861
Career position - Curator of the Melbourne Botanic Gardens
Career position - Expedition to Wentworth and Mount Murchison
Taxonomy event - Honoured with Acacia dallachiana F.Muell.
Career position - Expedition to Wimmera River and Lake Hindmarsh
Career position - Private nursery owner in Prahran, Victoria
Taxonomy event - Collector of the type Eucalyptus pellita F. Muell.
1864 - 1871
Career position - Expedition and settlement at Rockingham Bay, Queensland
Taxonomy event - Collector of the type Eucalyptus abergiana F. Muell.

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