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Corporate entry CSIRO Division of Geomechanics (1983 - 1993)

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation

1 July 1983
Syndal, Victoria, Australia
June 1993
Industrial or scientific research and Resources
Reference No
CA 4542
Legal Status
Agency of the Commonwealth of Australia
Syndal, Victoria


In 1983 the Division of Geomechanics took the place of the Division of Applied Geomechanics. The Division's life-time spanned ten years, being replaced by Petroleum Resources in 1993.


 c. 1933 - c. 1943 CSIR Soil Physics Section
       c. 1943 - 1955 CSIRO Soil Physics and Mechanics Section
             1955 - 1967 CSIRO Soil Mechanics Section
                   1967 - 1970 CSIRO Division of Soil Mechanics
                         1970 - 1983 CSIRO Division of Applied Geomechanics
                               1983 - 1993 CSIRO Division of Geomechanics
                                     1993 - CSIRO Division of Petroleum Resources

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