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William Bauerlen - Records
Powerhouse Museum
MRS 4, 7, 15, 202, 87, 90
Date Range
1880 - 1918

Correspondence and diaries 1886-1904, relating to collecting trips throughout New South Wales undertaken by Bauerlen to support the Museum's research into the botany and chemistry of the Australian flora [MRS 4, MRS 7, MRS 15, MRS 202]. Index of donors c1880s [MRS 87], day book 1890-1918 [MRS 89] and Herbarium register 1891-1907 [MRS 90], all of which include references to Bauerlen's collected specimens. Volume of plant specimens of the family "Compositae" ("Asteraceae") mainly collected by Bauerlen 1887-90 [MRS 264]. Records relating to the Blue Mountains and Bathust collecting trip 1899 [MRS 240].

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