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Biographical entry Riek, Edgar (1920 - 2016)


1 May 1920
Napier, New Zealand
9 February 2016
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia


Edgar Riek was an entomologist who began his career in the field of biological control but moved to taxonomy because of the need for accurate identification before control programs were effective. His taxonomic research ranged over several orders of insects and he contributed nine of the 30 chapters in Insects of Australia (CSIRO 1970). In 1963 he published the first pocket guide to Australia's insect fauna, with another three editions issued to 1975. Riek also studied fossil insects as a means of understanding the evolutionary origins of insects. In 1973 he wrote on a Carboniferous megasecopteran insect from Tasmania, the oldest Australian insect discovered to date. His publications in this field earned him a DSc from the University of Queensland. The Australian National Insect Collection includes thousands of specimens collected by Riek. In Australian limnological circles he is remembered for his taxonomic work on mayflies, stoneflies and decapod crustaceans, and as a pioneer in the study of Australian freshwater crayfish. The genera Riekiella, Riekisura and Riekia and many species named in his honour. In retirement he became a noted figure in the Australian wine industry.



1939 -
Career position - Member, Entomological Society of Queensland
1939 - 1943
Career position - Laboratory Assistant, Department of Geology, University of Queensland
1943 - 1945
Career position - Demonstrator in Zoology, University of Queensland
Career position - Secretary, Entomological Society of Queensland
Education - BSc, University of Queensland
1945 - 1978
Career position - Assistant Research Officer (later Principal Research Scientist), CSIRO Division of Economic Entomology
Education - MSc, University of Queensland
Education - DSc, University of Queensland
Award - Perkins Memorial Lecturer, Entomological Society of Queensland
Life event - Retired
Award - Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for service to viticulture through the Canberra and District Winegrowers Association and the Canberra National Wine Show and to entomology

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