Adolph Basser Library Manuscript Collection

Australian Academy of Science

The Adolph Basser Library at the Australian Academy of Science holds a large manuscript collection comprising papers from individual scientists, including a number of Fellows of the Australian Academy of Science, as well as scientific societies and other organisations.

The manuscripts, important history of Australian Science resources, have been documented in the Encyclopedia of Australian Science. The Encyclopedia links to detailed listings of the manuscripts on the Australian Academy of Science website, as well as linking them to information about relevant people and organisations, establishing the contextual environment in which the papers are located.



Adding and updating information about the collections held by the Adolph Basser Library was funded by the Australian Academy of Science's Moran Award for History of Science Research 2012. The award enabled me to spend two weeks researching the collections in the Adolph Basser Library and building up information about the collections and related people and organisations in the Encyclopedia of Australian Science. Special thanks to Rosanne Walker, librarian at the Adolph Basser Library, for making me welcome during my visit, and for her assistance and guidance with information about the collections.

Ailie Smith, July 2012