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Biographical entry Wolskel, Augustus (1867 - 1949)

20 December 1949
Kew, Victoria, Australia
Applied chemist and Inventor


Augustus Wolskel was a technical chemist, who envisaged and formed a co-operative company to manufacture fertilisers for farmers at cost price. He founded and was the first General Manager of the Phosphate Co-operative Company of Australia until 1938, and a Fellow of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute. He was keen on history, joined the Historical Society of Victoria in 1921, became a Council member in 1926, Vice-president in 1931 and from 1939-1942 was president of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria (RHSV). When he died in 1949, he left a bequest fund whose beneficiaries were the Economics Institute, the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and the RHSV.



1890 - c. 1891
Career position - Victorian representative, Patent Asphaltum Company, NSW
1917 - c. 1919
Career position - Heathcote Chemical Company Pty Ltd
1919 - 1939
Career position - General Manager, Phosphate Co-operative Company of Australia Limited
c. 1929 - c. 1931
Career position - President, Chamber of Mines, Victoria
c. 1932 - 1933
Career position - President, Economic Society, Victoria
1937 - 1938
Career position - Chairman, chemical engineering group, Australian Chemical Group

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