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Biographical entry Whitmore, Raymond Leslie (1920 - 2008)


Luton, Bedfordshire, England
20 December 2008
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Academic, Engineering historian and Mining engineer


Ray Whitmore was Professor of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, University of Queensland, 1967-1985. He made notable contributions in a wide range of disciplines: in radar development; medical research into the properties of blood and the circulation system; mining and metallurgical engineering and he was a noted Queensland historian.

His contributions to professional and community organisations included important roles with Engineers Australia, Engineering Heritage Australia, Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Australian Coal Preparation Society, Brisbane and Ipswich City Council Heritage Committees, the Queensland Museum, and the Royal Historical Society of Queensland.


Through his strong interest in history, the history of engineering and engineering heritage, Ray became a driving force in forming Engineering Heritage committees, at Division, State and National level, of the Institution of Engineers, Australia. He was chair of the first committee in Queensland from 1976, and was the Chairman of the National Committee when it was formed in 1979, and remained a corresponding member until 1995.


Award - Honorary Fellow, Institution of Engineers, Australia - for conspicuous service to the profession, and for unequalled knowledge of engineering heritage in Australia
1992 - 1995
Career position - Member, Queensland Heritage Council
10 Jun 1994
Award - Member of the Order of Australia (AM) for service to mining and metallurgical engineering and to engineering history, heritage and industrial archaeology.
Award - John Monash medal for Engineering Heritage, Engineers Australia.

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