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Biographical entry Pratt, Henry Reginald Clive (1911 - 2007)

Chemical engineer
Alternative Names
  • Pratt, Clive


Henry Reginald Clive Pratt, known to many as Clive Pratt was an London born chemical engineer who made significant contributions to science in the United Kingdom and Australia. In 1958 Clive Pratt accepted an invitation to become chief of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Chemical Engineering Section. This position saw Clive Pratt settle with his family in Australia. In 1962 the Chemical Engineering Section of the CSIRO was replaced with the Chemical Engineering Division, Clive Pratt stayed on as Division Chief until 1978. After his time at the CSIRO Clive Pratt began a position as a visiting Professor at the University of Melbourne's Department of Chemical Engineering until his retirement in 1999 at the age of 91.


Clive Pratt's contribution to chemical engineering, in particular solvent extraction was recognised by a number of organisations. In 1953 he received the Senior Moulton Medal form the Institute of Chemical Engineers, in 1983 he received an award from the Industry Standard Engineers and Consultants (ISEC) then in 1984 the Chemeca medal from the Australian and New Zealand Federation of Chemical Engineers. In 1991 Clive Pratt also received the Kernot Memorial Medal from the University of Melbourne.


- 1931
Education - Bachelor of Science, University of London
- 1950
Education - PhD, Harwell Science and Innovation Campus
- 1957
Award - Senior Doctoral Degree
1934 - 1945
Career position - ICI Industries
1945 - 1949
Career position - BX Plastics
1949 - 1958
Career position - Atomic Energy Research Establishment (AERE), Harwell Science and Innovation Campus
Award - Senior Moulton Medal, Institute of Chemical Engineers
1958 - 1962
Career position - Chief, Chemical Engineering Section, Commonwealth Industrial and Scientific Research Organ
1962 - 1978
Career position - Chief, Division of Chemical Engineering, Commonwealth Industrial and Scientific Research Organ
1973 - 1999
Career position - Visiting Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of Melbourne
Award - Industry Standard Engineers and Consultants (ISEC)
Award - Chemca Medal, Australian and New Zealand Federation of Chemical Engineers
Award - Kernot Medal, University of Melbourne

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Journal Articles

  • Bear, Joy, 'Dr H. R. Clive Pratt (1911 - 2007)', Chemistry in Australia, vol. 75, no. 7, 2008, pp. 26 - 27. Details

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