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Biographical entry Ramsay, Hilda Eileen (Eileen) (1886 - 1961)

Plant collector


Eileen Ramsay was an enthusiastic plant collector who for 20 years from 1949 collected specimens in the Mallee in north-western Victoria. She corresponded with Jim Willis at the National Herbarium of Victoria regarding the identification of the plants she collected, sending duplicate specimens for incorporation into the Herbarium. Ramsay was also in contact with botanists from the University of Melbourne and interstate, such that her collection was a reliable herbarium of the Mallee flora. It included plants not previously recorded for Victoria and many weed species. Ramsay donated her collection of 1,000 specimens to the Mildura Arts Centre in 1960. It remained in the hands of the local council until 2016 when the Mildura Rural City Council acceded to its transfer to the National Herbarium of Victoria.

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